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HIPAA Cybersecurity Training

We provide engaging security training to your employees, reducing the chance of a data breach.

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Data breaches are occurring every day, and 95% of them are caused by human error. Engaging training courses are the best way to understand ensure employees understand how to protect sensitive company data. Training leads to fewer PC rebuilds, reduced IT expenses, and less employee downtime. Texas House Bill 300 requires annual HIPAA training, and the HIPAA Security Rule requires that all employees receive HIPAA security training on how to protect patient information.



  • Cloud-based security portal
  • Online training that employees go through at their own pace
  • Engaging training videos
  • Employee security testing
  • Employee training certificates
  • Administrator training reports
  • New employee training
  • Security tips and reminders



  • Security Topics
  • Internal and external threats
  • Phishing scams
  • Phone scams
  • Passwords
  • Wi-Fi dangers
  • Physical protection – Devices
  • BYOD – dangers

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The HIPAA Wall Difference

With HIPAA Cyber Security Training, your employees will be knowledgeable, capable, and confident of performing their work without fear of exposing or compromising sensitive company data. They’ll also be worry-free about all the numerous and impending external security threats facing companies today.

Instead of being passive, reactive, or even paranoid, you’ll be able to take the offensive and make sure your company is safe and secure and that you’re totally compliant with all your HIPAA requirements.