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HIPAA Risk Analysis

HIPAA Risk Analysis is a rigorous and detailed identification and prioritization of key risks currently facing our healthcare partners.

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Our Risk Analysis explores the likelihood of a breach and the magnitude of its potential impact by assessing the physical, administrative, and technical information security controls and safeguards outlined by the HIPAA Security Rule.

Concentrating on threats, vulnerabilities, and their associated risks, this service employs a multi-layered approach which monitors thousands of variables on your network and devises, allowing you achieve a higher level of insight into your exploitable vulnerabilities which could increase the impact operationally and financially.

Every major data breach enforcement of HIPAA, some with penalties over $1 million, have cited the absence of, or an ineffective, Risk Analysis as the underlying cause of the data breach. The Risk Analysis must be run or updated at least annually.

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The HIPAA Wall Difference

With HIPAA Risk Analysis, you’ll be able to establish a baseline of your company’s fundamental IT competencies and capabilities as well as its internal and external cyber vulnerabilities to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your protected health records.

You’ll now have a roadmap of how to accurately and cost-effectively identify areas of potential risk and provide you with actionable recommendations for improved productivity, performance, and protection.