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Penetration Testing is a proven methodology that replicates real-world attack scenarios, testing your IT infrastructure so that you can protect confidential data from today’s ever-evolving threats.

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HIPAA Wall provides actionable reports and prioritized recommendations which are customized to your healthcare organization, making sure you’re getting the right information at the right time about the right threats that could cripple your company.

Our Penetration Testing is carried out through multiple stages, beginning with scope and definition and concluding with project clean-up and report delivery. This multi-staged approach offers a consistent, comprehensive, and reliable testing process that assess potential attacks before they become a reality and avoid any possible data loss, compromise, or exploitation.

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The HIPAA Wall Difference

With Penetration Testing, you won’t have to worry about how strong your cyber defenses are or whether you can withstand the toughest of outside intruders. You’ll know for sure because you’ll have been tested from every angle — and passed with flying colors.

Companies will also know where their potential vulnerabilities exist and, equipped with the appropriate test results and detailed reports, they can now make strategic decisions and prioritize potential remediation efforts.